The BCM has been serving students at Northwestern for 50 years or more. We’ve met people in Evanston who were leading the BCM at Northwestern back in the early 1960’s. (True story. We’ll be happy to introduce you to them, if you like.)

BCM is a campus-based ministry and not a church. For decades now, we’ve been sharing the good news about Jesus with the people of Northwestern University, quietly making disciples of Jesus on the campus, faithfully training leaders for ministry, constantly sending missionaries to the nations of the world, as well as constantly sending Christians into the worlds of business, politics, education and entertainment.

Today, a new generation of BCM students is experiencing a new season of growth in Jesus’ gospel. God is at work through the BCM at Northwestern. And we invite a new generation of students to help us write the next chapter of our history.

And finally…just to set the record straight, we’re pretty certain of the following historical facts:


The Famous Northwestern Life-Saving Crew.

  • Francis Willard was not thrown out of the BCM at Northwestern because of her position on Temperance.

The inimitable Francis Willard of Evanston.


That’s Mr. Colbert to you.

“Go ‘Cats!” says Mike Greenberg.

  • We are also fairly certain that Rod Blagojevich was never the treasurer of the BCM at Northwestern.



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