Student Leaders and Staff


Who are BCM at Northwestern Student Leaders?

BCM at Northwestern Student Leaders are members of one of our partner churches who:

  • Have a vibrant relationship with God that is observably satisfying for them.
  • Have a solid understanding from the Bible of who God is and what He is like.
  • Demonstrate an ongoing pursuit of righteousness by examining their lives, confessing sin, and seeking the help of others to overcome it.
  • Have no mental reservations regarding the Baptist Faith & Message (2000).
  • Can explain the Gospel and apply it to real life situations.
  • Can tell stories of how the Gospel has been shaping their life and ministry from conversion until the present.
  • Rely on the Spirit of God to work in and through them as evidenced in their devotion to regular, intentional prayer.
  • Share the Gospel in word and deed with lost people in our community.
  • Invest in the lives of others in order to make disciples.
  • Consider everything they have as gifts from God to be used for His purposes.

What do BCM at Northwestern Student Leaders do?

BCM at Northwestern Student Leaders are members of Evanston churches who:

Demonstrate responsibility for the spiritual development of other students at Northwestern by:

  • Knowing the spiritual condition of ____ other students.
  • Providing _________ encouragement and instruction for others’ spiritual development.
  • Interceding __________ for ____ other students
  • Lead by example in life-on-life discipling relationships with ___ others.
  • Lead by modeling a lifestyle of evangelism and strategizing ___ initiatives to share the Gospel with _____ other students at Northwestern.
  • Coordinate ____ weekly gathering(s) of students on campus to facilitate Gospel community among the students of BCM at Northwestern.
  • Pray for and ministry to those who don’t yet trust Christ in the NU campus community.
  • Develop a new generation of student leaders for BCM at Northwestern.
  • Participate in a _________ coaching relationship to grow as a disciple and BCM leader.
  • Participate in ____ training events, retreats & conferences for BCM students & leaders.
  • Purposely develop disciples of Jesus who lead others to make disciples of Jesus.
  • Assist in recruiting for ministry internships, missions projects and service projects through the cooperative ministries of our local churches and the churches of the Illinois Baptist State Association and the Southern Baptist Convention.



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