40 Resolutions to Consider


From Boundless.org:

1. Read a Proverb a day. There is no substitute for biblical wisdom. Learn a little every day from the wisest person (except for Jesus, of course) who ever lived.

2. Savor good food. So many people go on strict diets at the beginning of each year. While these can be helpful, it’s also important to learn to slow down and enjoy the food you do eat. Have a little chocolate and take your sweet time enjoying it.

3. Organize your internet consumption. I use Feedly.com to keep up with almost 50 of my favorite blogs and websites. I use it to keep up with my interests, but I also use it to be well-informed for my job. Feedly saves me hours every week.

4. Go on more walks. Find a few favorite places to walk and schedule regular time. Walking is a good way to clear your mind or listen to a good audiobook.

5. Aggressively attack debt. Most young people have some form of debt. The more aggressively and quicker you pay it down, the more money you’ll save yourself in the long run. You might also consider making a visual progress chart to boost your motivation.


Read the rest of them here.

Or check out Jonathan Edwards’ Resolutions.


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