Welcoming the Nations Update – #Northwestern @1040campus


He left the lab to take a quick break and take in this view of the Chicago skyline from the lakefill at the south end of the campus.

He’s been at Northwestern for 2 years now. He recently told himself, “I need to go outside more often.”

He is from Nigeria. He is very friendly. And he was very open to talking about Jesus today.

Over the past few weeks, the small-but-growing BCM at Northwestern has enjoyed conversations with students from ten different countries. And today, Nigeria was the eleventh.

BCM at Northwestern is “Welcoming the Nations” because God loves international students and because the nations of the world send some of their brightest students to places like this.

Free barbecues. Dessert & Coffee. Getting involved in international student groups on the campus. Or even just a short conversation while enjoying the view outside on the lakefill.

You too can play an important part in sharing Jesus’ love with the world, without ever leaving the campus. Are you willing to be a friend to international students at Northwestern?

Ask us how. Let’s welcome the nations together.


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